The company FENYX s.r.o is an agency that provides services of various kinds. This website is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman, a working person, a criminal, a judge, or a police officer. We are all equal and the law applies equally to everyone.
You are outside today, and you can be inside (in custody) tomorrow.

Life can be easily changed in a minute.

We are a team of people who will provide you with information and services during the difficult period that has affected your family and your loved ones. We have experience with the institution of imprisonment and therefore provide services that will make it easier for you to cope with this difficult period of life.

We know what you’re going through, we’ve been through it as well. We will guide you through the right steps to take and what to give to your loved ones when they find themselves away from home and are restricted in their personal liberty (i.e. they are in prison).

Remember one thing – it’s not a shame, it’s a life, a lot of people have been through it and a lot of people are going through it.

We will be happy to help you with the procedure and care for your loved ones and explain how to proceed.


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    Frequently asked questions and answers

    Don't know what to do, where to start? Follow our instructions Step by step...

    Entitlements to institutional visits depend on the type of detention. You can read more in the Custodies and their division.

    Bring your relative his own clothes, send him hygiene items, photos, crosswords, books, top up his phone credit, send him money to the institute, order him newspapers or magazines, send him electrical appliances or various small sports equipment according to the authorization of the institution.

    Contact your lawyer if you need advice or contact us and we will recommend a suitable lawyer. Do you need to contact the specific institution where your relative is or do you need to send money to your relative in the institution? HERE you will find addresses and account numbers of individual institutes in Slovakia.

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