“P” – personal needs package – every three months you can receive a so-called package for personal needs, where you can take photos of the family, crayons, crosswords, books, pens, stamps,… (toothpaste – with permission from the director, and various things for personal use, but only after permission from the director of the institute)

“EP” – educational package – every three months you can receive things for personal education, learning (books, magazines, pens,…)

“SP” – sports package – sports package is a package of personal things for sports, which will be sent to you by the family, so that if possible you can visit the gym in the institution, or train outside in the yard for a walk or on the playground (custody “C”) for a walk.
With the permission of the director/clerk, you can provide a mat for practicing yoga, or for sit-ups in the cell, ping-pong rackets or various small equipment (in each institution they allow things according to internal guidelines – instructions from the director).

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