Sending funds

Check Detention Centres window on our website.

– copy the IBAN of the institution in which your person is located
– send the funds to the given institution, put your person’s personal number in the note, if the lawyer has not provided it to you yet, write your person’s name and date of birth in the note.

Every accused person HAS A CLAIM AND A RIGHT that must be granted to him, namely a right to purchase at the institutional buffet once a week.
Purchases are usually on Thursdays or Fridays. Purchases are limited to three times the subsistence level (3 × 230 Euros), which can be spent within a month in the Detention Centre in the buffet.
As a rule, each institute has a higher price for individual foods by 20-30%.

Also, a person has to pay electricity from his account for electrical appliances that he has in the institution:
– TV
– radio
– kettle
– razor

If your person does not have money in the account to pay another month for electrical appliances, the clerk at the institute will take them from him and return them only once he pays for electricity.

This fee is made once a month, usually around the 20th of the month.
From the funds on the account, the imprisoned person also secures a one-time inspection of the appliances that you provide to the institution.

In the next step, your person in the institution can top up from their account every weekend to make a phone call (after purchases,…) for an overview of the minute finances in the buffet.
Calling is very expensive in terms of tariffs for services: The minute of the call is 0.19 Euro/minute to the mobile network, 0.10 Euro/minute to the landline.

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