Step by step

“1” Send the funds to the institution where you have a prisoner (at least 50 Euros at the beginning). Without funds, a person in the prison cannot do anything, nothing will be approved for him (TV, kettle, razor, radio,…)
Also, a person without money is not entitled to go shopping in a buffet in prison and get the necessary food, pencils, pens, paper, postcards, stamps, etc. Everything is bought in the Detention Centre and it is also correspondingly more expensive (20-30% higher prices compared to reality).
Details can be found in the window Sending funds.

“2” Send your lawyer to the institution where your prisoner is to file his power of attorney in the file, and then the prisoner could call him at any time.

“3” Top up the phone credit (follow the instructions on the page) for the person in the custody A/C. Collusive custody (B) usually does not allow phone calls in the first months.

“4” Prepare electrical appliances for the prisoner that the institute allows, according to the instructions on the site (for each appliance, the person in the custody has to pay for his / her own electricity at his / her own expense always one month in advance with the money he / she has on the account in the institution + he / she must pay from his / her account the so-called one-time inspection of appliances).

“5” Every accused person is entitled to civilian clothes. Prepare civilian clothing for your person in which he or she may be in the institution (changed once a week, according to the rules in each institution), but this applies only to the accused.

“6” Subscribe to your person’s daily press. Everyone can receive the daily press, which you can order through individual printing companies, which send the daily/weekly press directly to the institute. It is the fastest way to make your time in the prison more comfortable, as the daily press will reach your person within two days after ordering. In every newspaper, there is also one sudoku or crossword (believe me, even those who never did crosswords or sudoku will start doing it in custody). There is a lot of free time there.

7” Send LETTERS, constantly …! Every single letter you send, whether with text, a photo, a drawing from children or a family, will be like a Christmas present for the prisoner. It is an indescribable experience when you receive a letter and read information about your loved ones. Even more, when you see them in the photos. Keep writing, believe me this will keep their thoughts very well and they will not think about where they are. The thoughts, photos and everything like that is the most important information for the people inside.
The accused is entitled to send correspondence twice a month at the expense of the institute. Mail cannot be inspected in the institute if it is correspondence between the accused and a lawyer, bodies active in criminal proceedings, the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic, the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the Government Office, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the court, the consulate, the diplomatic mission, the human rights organization.

“8” Packages: prepare personal items that you can send to your person in parcel form. Prisoners are entitled to a prison package. You can read what packages and content you can send in the information in the next Packages window.

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